Gold producer update – Osisko Mining

Osisko Mining –

This is a miner that has delivered on target so far on its production guidance. As production ramps up you should see the share price move up also.

Positive nears out today:

2012-03-12 12:32 PT – News Release


Mr. John Burzynski reports


Osisko Mining Corp. has successfully completed the construction and installation of the first of two cone crushers in the secondary crushing facility.

Commissioning of crusher No. 1 at the secondary crushing facility is now under way. Crusher No. 2 of the secondary crushing facility will be added upon arrival at site, which is still anticipated to be on schedule this coming June. A planned maintenance shutdown of the mill was also completed on Friday, with a liner change out in the SAG (semi-autogenous grinding) mill. The mill and the new secondary crusher line have been started and are ramping up toward the company’s target of 50,000 tonnes per day, as the manufacturer’s standard start-up test protocols are being completed.

Osisko president and chief executive officer, Sean Roosen, commented: “The addition of the new cone crusher sets the stage for us to pursue the ramp up to 50,000 tonnes per day at the Canadian Malartic mill, which has a name plate design capacity of 55,000 tonnes per day. Construction and commissioning has gone very well with the mild winter we had on site. We want to congratulate the team including Osisko workers and contractors for completing the construction and installation ahead of schedule executing the build with no time lost accidents.”