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Geology for Investors – A fantastic website that analyzes public mining companies and press releases.

Junior Miners – Global listings of gold mines, silver mines and gold claims for sale. A great site on visualizing stock data using heatmaps. Track your stock portfolio visually or take a look at the top 100 stocks by volume or % change on the day.

Mining Stocks Investor Guide – An e-book teaching people how to invest in Mining Stocks and Mining Companies.

GOLDSHEET Mining Directory
is a comprehensive worldwide resource for mining related websites,
which currently lists over 3000 mining firms, along with newsletters,
mutual funds, and other interesting and useful sites.

GoldMinerPulse – valuation blogs and metal value reports for junior gold and silver mining explorers, developers and producers.

TradingChief.Com: – Swing Trading,DayTrading, Small Caps, Long term investing, stocks, quotes, real-time chat, stock charts, Canadian Resource Stock Specialists

Gold Stock Center –¬†Comprehensive investment news and resource portal pertaining to gold mining stocks and the gold market.